Real development is not leaving things behind, as on the road, but drawing life from them as from a root.”

by G.K. Chesterton

Personal Development / Regrouping

Reflection on where we have been is an important step in learning from our past and in bringing those lessons with us into the present in a positive way. I have noticed though that it is often a step that many do not make the time for. Thinking it is a waste of time or that there isn’t enough time or that focusing ahead is the important thing to do. This often leads to people not learning from what they have done and often repeating the lesson again and sometimes even again after that!

Yes, focusing on where you are going is important and learning and seeing where you can improve is equally important.

I have developed a set of questions that you can use to reflect and regroup your experiences which are designed to keep you positively focused, acknowledge your accomplishments, learn from situations which didn’t go the way you wanted them too and to look for the benefit in every situation that you have encountered.

I think reflection and regrouping is critically important to being successful because it allows your unconscious mind to stay focused and keep your energy available to you. It helps to keep you looking for the positives and in staying motivated. I suggest you take ten minutes every day and reflect and regroup. Below are a few questions you can use to assist you in getting the best benefit from it.

Regrouping Questions:

  • What did I accomplish today?
  • What happened today and what did I learn from it?
  • What would I do differently next time, if anything?
  • What is one positive thing or my highlight that I can take away from today?
  • How will I apply what I learned today in my life?

These questions come out of my journal and workbook, called “A Book To Live By”!

I wish all of you success in your endeavors and I hope you find this useful!

– Nadine Hanchar, Personal Development Victoria BC