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A Book to Live By

Knowing Me, Knowing You: The PEP Personality Process©

Nadine Hanchar was five years old when a drunken driver killed her brother. Life changed forever that day, and her parents never recovered. She had to grow up fast, and the entire ordeal led her on a quest to understand people and to discover why we do the things we do.

In Knowing Me, Knowing You, she draws on her expertise as a counselor, consultant, and facilitator to explore why it’s so important for us to feel heard, be seen, and accepted for who we are.

Throughout the book, she highlights how the PEP Personality Process© can give you a solid foundation from which to build successful relationships at home and at work. The process will help you make sense of a confusing world and promote harmony in your relationships. Whether you’re interested in self-development, struggling to understand a romantic partner, trying to improve communication with staff, become a better salesperson, or hone your skills as a neuro-linguistic programmer, you’ll find meaningful insights in this relationship guide.

A Book to Live By

About ‘A Book To Live By’

This workbook/journal is designed to help you work through obstacles or issues that arise in day-to-day living, and to build awareness of where you are in the process of creating your life and manifesting your goals. It is meant to be a highly effective tool that works for you and your lifestyle by creating a positive, supportive environment that encourages you to focus on your successes.

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