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Consulting and NLP for Business Success

Using NLP Consulting for Business Creates Success!

More than ever before, good business relies on good relationships. NLP skills are good for business. Progressive Edge Plus.

What is it that you really want to achieve?s NLP Inc. has the tools, skills and experience to help your business become more successful.

Success is not always easy and requires courage, commitment and focus. When NLP consulting and our PEP Personality Process © is applied appropriately to the needs of your organisation it can significantly contribute to your success through:

NLP Coaching

Coaching for business success!

Nadine Hanchar is a NLP leadership coach who helps individuals, groups, teams and organizations find the right solutions in the workplace. Her mission is to help you raise productivity, performance, and overall satisfaction in all areas of your life.
You may wish to take your company, organization, current job, relationship or life to a new level using the science and art of NLP. Or you may be considering a new job, company, relationship or life phase where having an NLP life coach could really assist you. Utilizing NLP business or life coaching takes whatever you know now, to a totally different level enhancing all of your skills and adding a whole new set of skills as well.
Nadine’s specialty includes the PEP Personality Process © which she developed and it assists you and your team in understanding each other’s personalities, communication styles, strengths and challenges while gaining solutions to work with any of those more problematic areas.

NLP Coaching | Professional Development Success | Victoria, BC


Mentoring and Coaching are understood in the following way;

Mentoring is a longer term relationship that has both, a personal and a professional dimension.

  • It is established between two persons, a mentor and a mentee.
  • It aims at the promotion of the mentee in terms of career development, networking, organizational know-how, life issues etc. Coaching is perceived as a short term relationship.
  • It provides a special focus on certain professional or personal issues.

Coaching can take place both bilaterally (individual coaching) and in small groups (group coaching). It aims at a quick and focused collaboration between the coach and the person’s being coached, the former supporting the latter in developing their own skills.

Presentation Coach/ Speech Coach

Imagine you are just about to start that presentation that could establish you as an expert in your field impress your boss or skyrocket you to success!
Who do you imagine on stage?
Do you see a confident, engaging, respected speaker who is connecting with the audience giving them valuable information that they appreciate! Are you speaking to all four communication styles and using humour and stories appropriately? Are you utilizing the stage and the five stances that bring life to your presentation?
Do you see someone who is nervous and feeling unprepared or who just lacks confidence or skills, who would rather step away from the spotlight than take center stage? Or maybe you see that you who has spoken many times and just know that your presentation could be better and so you see the “same old same old” not great but adequate.
Are you looking to simplify and demystify the process of creating, designing and delivering a more successful presentation? NLP Coaching is quite different from other coaching styles or speaking clubs.

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