NLP Coaching for business success! | Professional Development | Victoria, BCNadine Hanchar is a NLP  leadership coach who helps individuals, groups, teams and organizations find the right solutions in the workplace. Her mission is to help you raise productivity, performance, and overall satisfaction in all areas of your life.

You may wish to take your company, organization, current job, relationship or life to a new level using the science and art of NLP. Or you may be considering a new job, company, relationship or life phase where having an NLP life coach could really assist you. Utilizing NLP business or life coaching takes whatever you know now, to a totally different level enhancing all of your skills and adding a whole new set of skills as well.

Nadine’s specialty includes the PEP Personality Process © which she developed and it assists you and your team in understanding each other’s personalities, communication styles, strengths and challenges while gaining solutions to work with any of those more problematic areas.

In the words of Robin Sharma “You just can’t reach your personal Everest without some help” or Marshall Goldsmith, who has been ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 10 executive educators, “executives should seek coaching, when they feel that a change in behaviour-either for themselves or their team members-can make a significant difference in the long-term success of the organisation.”

Are the decisions you make and the actions you take going to have a significant positive impact on your life, career and future?

If we can fully appreciate and understand where we are now and then develop a clear and empowering view of where we want to go, what needs to change comes into focus and the steps from one to the other can become an enjoyable, doable and successful process!

A good NLP coach can make a dramatic difference, and choosing the right coach is important! How do you choose the right coach for you?

What type of Coaching do you want?

Coaching is a method of directing, instructing and training a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills. There are many ways to coach, types of coaching and methods to coaching.

There are many different names for coaching and NLP Coaching encompasses all of them. To many people each type of coaching has a different shade of meaning: mentor, life coach, high performance coach, transformational coach, business coach, executive coach, to name but a few. While the distinctions can be useful many people have differing views of what those distinctions mean and it can be confusing when you are looking for a coach.

Nadine suggests that the best place to start is to decide what it is you want to achieve with coaching and put together a few ideas of how you see a coach assisting you or your organization in achieve the goals you want. Then you can look at what type of coaching it is you are looking for. In practice a good NLP coach will have the experience and flexibility to match the role that you need.

Why NLP Coaching works?

Most people can achieve a lot more than they realize. Coaching is a way of realizing this untapped potential.

There are many ways that NLP coaching works and here is why NLP coach Nadine Hanchar believes it gives you an edge.

  • The NLP coaching methodology was modeled on people who were the most successful in their fields and what they did to be so successful!
  • The NLP coach brings a mix of tried and tested, as well as new and innovative approaches and methodologies to assist you in succeeding.
  • The NLP coach can create a safe space for you to explore what you want and how to get there.
  • The NLP coach can assist you in developing or enhancing the skill sets you already have or need.
  • NLP coaching will give you honest feedback about whether your goals are compelling enough to motivate you and whether you have a realistic and honest assessment of where you are now.
  • NLP coaching will challenge you when you go “off track” and help you stay focused.
  • An NLP  coach will remind you to celebrate your achievements and anchor that in your neurology for future use.
  • NLP coaching can assist you in developing better relationships with other people at home and at work.
  • NLP Coaching assists you in stretching your boundaries.
  • With Nadine as your NLP coach you know she is genuinely interested in your success and will champion you.
  • A coach will also be a role model, demonstrating some of the characteristics that you need to succeed.
  • A coach will listen to you – and be prepared they may not always agree!

Some clarification of the Types of Coaching available:

Mentor; ‘Mentoring’ is where you have a number of potentially conflicting objectives to achieve. The quality of the relationship is important and aimed at structured achievement, reviewing, feedback and progression. For more about mentoring, visit our mentoring pages.

Executive Coaching; is widely accepted as an essential part of the process of continuous learning in the arena of competitive business.

Executive Coaching is a one-to-one collaboration between a coach and an executive, who wants to better his/her leadership skills, access new perspectives and above all reach maximum potential. It is an integral part of leadership development for top- rung executives. Performance Coaching also know as Business Coaching.

Performance or Business Coaching is the practice of providing support, skill sets and occasional advice to a group or an individual in order to help them recognize ways in which they can improve the effectiveness of their business. Coaches work to improve leadership, employee accountability, teamwork, sales, communication, goal setting, strategic planning and more. It can be provided in a number of ways, including one-on-one collaboration, group coaching sessions, workshops and seminars.

A good business coach need not have specific business expertise and experience in the same field as the person receiving the coaching in order to provide quality business coaching services.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is a relationship which is designed and defined in a relationship agreement between a client and a coach. It is based on the client’s expressed interests, goals and objectives.

Clients are responsible for their own achievements and success. The client takes action, and the coach may assist, but never leads or does more than the client. Therefore, a coach cannot and does not promise that a client will take any specific action or attain specific goals.

Presentation Coach/ Speech Coach

Are you looking to simplify and demystify the process of creating, designing and delivering a more successful presentation? NLP Coaching is quite different from other coaching styles or speaking clubs. For more specifics

Transformational Life Coach

A Transformational Life Coach incorporates many modalities available in meeting the needs of the client, from business best practices to shamanic rites of passage, which increase awareness and success in transforming one’s life. The new millennium has brought massive economic shifts for many people, creating a need for redefining their lives. People in transition often want to address deeper convictions about what they want out of life; they may want more self awareness and self improvement.

A transformational coach aims to bring together and highlight all the possibilities that will help mould and shape the envisioning process for clients as they create a plan and execute the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly details.

Health Coaching

In the world of health and wellness, a health coach is an emerging new role. Health coaching is becoming recognized as a new way to help individuals “manage” their illnesses and conditions, especially those of a chronic nature. In both sports and health, a “coach” is a person who observes, gives objective feedback, teaches, helps to develop a plan of action and holds another responsible for their actions and commitments. The coach will use special techniques, personal experience, expertise and encouragement to assist the person being coached, in bringing his/her behavioural changes about.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals. Life coaches use multiple methods that will help clients with the process of setting and reaching goals.

Life coaching has its roots in executive coaching, which itself drew on techniques developed in management consulting and leadership training. Life coaching also draws inspiration from disciplines including sociology, psychology, positive adult development, career counselling, mentoring, NLP and other types of counselling. The coach may apply mentoring, values assessment, behaviour modification, behaviour modeling, goal-setting and other techniques in helping their clients.

A Coach may use inquiry, reflection, requests and discussion to help clients identify personal and/or business and/or relationship goals, develop strategies, relationships and action plans intended to achieve the goals set. A coach provides a place for clients to be held accountable to themselves by monitoring the clients’ progress towards implementation of their action plans. Together they evolve and modify the plan to best suit the client’s needs and environmental relationships. Coaches often act as human mirrors for clients by sharing outside and unbiased perspectives. Coaches may teach specific insights and skills to empower the client toward their goals.

Nadine Hanchar is skilled in all of the above mentioned areas of coaching. She uses NLP Coaching and her PEP Personality Process © as a place to start, for more information visit, Our Trainer page.

Experience NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) career, business or life coaching with Master Trainer Nadine Hanchar who works from her office in beautiful Victoria BC.