Professional Development Testimonials

Nadine Hanchar was hired to review the performance of AKAC INC., an engineering consulting company, to evaluate the company and facilitate its future planning, organization and operation.

Nadine performed the following:

1. Individual evaluation session for each of 6 key employees, their personality and communication styles, strengths, priorities etc., providing feedback and discussion for each individual.

2. Lead a company joint key employee session, where she provided collectively feedback to all key employees on each of their personality, communication styles, best suited work roles, their desires etc. She provided clear indications and guidance for planning future of the company, how the company would best work together, organizing its employees.

3. Lead and facilitated a 3 day workshop for key employees to put together a plan for the company future; company vision, future organization, roles and responsibilities, as well as financial basis for the continuation of the company into the future.

I and all AKAC employees were very pleased with the work and results provided to all of us by Nadine. Her input and human leadership was central in recreating the company and getting it to a highly positive future track! This resulted in a highly successful reorganization, transition of the 30 year old company from its long history into its re-organized future.

With Nadine’s inputs to the individuals and collectively, the result has been a conscientious, well functioning, organized and communicating organization. Less than half a year after the above consultations, the company is now very busy, professional, positive, and internally well organized. Employees know each other better than ever, and work together in a new, highly respectful, competent and effective fashion

Arno Keinonen

President and Principal Owner, AKAC INC.

The insights gained from this training helped at work and at home! Take the training.

Manager , BCB

I would recommend it to anyone. I have really enjoyed this course and have definitely made progress in my personal and business life because of it!

Insurance Broker

Take it – you will improve any part of your life that you wish to allow to be influenced.

Insurance Agent

It will expand your world – for self and others – All you want is achievable and available with this opening of self- awareness and understanding.

Lease Negotiator, BCBC

It is the most important learning experience of my life

Interior Designer

This is the most useful and practical communication training I’ve ever taken. It has allowed me to have more flexibility, more rapport and more understanding of myself and the people in my life, both personally and professionally.

25 Years in Business

NLP is the most in-depth experiential material I have found for understanding and learning how to focus and direct my communication to attain optimal results.


Nadine is a great Motivational speaker.


Nadine is a highly skilled professional that excels at striking a critical balance among emerging theories, common sense and results

First Nations Programs Manager, Parks Canada

Nadine’s interactive and inclusive style quickly won the work team’s trust, so they were able to develop insights about themselves and each other. The management team noticed improved group results almost immediately, and this performance has been sustained.

HR Coordinator, BC Buildings Corporation

Take it….as soon as possible! Highly recommended! Thanks.

Coordinator, Support Services,, Ministry of Health

An invaluable training, practical, and thorough, delivered in a most professional, integrated and pleasing manner. I highly recommend any course offered by Nadine Hanchar.

Instructor ESL

On being asked to comment on what this course has brought into my life, I have to say too much to put down on even one page! In a nutshell, though, NLP has provided me with the tools to actually take control of my life! Never have I been happier or more excited about the choices I have right now and in the future. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to create more choices in their life, and who wants to become a more effective communicator. I salute Nadine Hanchar for her high standards of professionalism  and ethics, and the caring, heartfelt way she teaches the course.


We found the first training so helpful that we’ve had Nadine work with us several times since.
C. S.

Parkand Community Planning Coordinator, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

I highly recommend Nadine and her training—it has been very beneficial for our team.

Senior Technical Advisor (Aboriginal Relations), BCBC

This is a second chance at life. Nadine taught me how my mind works, and it has allowed me to be in more control of my life.

Flight Attendant

Taking the NLP course has been for me like opening a door and stepping through into a place where I see, hear and (literally and figuratively) touch people in new and different ways. It has helped me to appreciate the uniqueness and potential of every human being. It’s been empowering, challenging and enriching.

Registered Nurse

Nadine’s perspective on understanding the different ways in which people process information is a unique perspective on overcoming barriers to effective communication. My team enjoyed her presentation so much that as our company grew we invited her back a second time so that others could benefit from her teaching.
R. O., Ph.D

Founding CEO, Backstage Technologie

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