Are you looking for result oriented counselling?

Nadine Hanchar is an experienced, caring counsellor in Victoria BC, specializing in confidential trauma & abuse therapy. Counselling for Anxiety, depression, abuse, trauma, stress, grief, low self-esteem, phobias, excessive anger, life transitions and personal growth are just some of the issues that bring individuals to a place where they are considering coming into counselling with Nadine.

Since you are reading this you are most likely deciding whether or not it’s time to get some outside assistance. Because you have come this far I’d like to suggest that you have two decisions to make:

1.    Am I ready or not to invest in myself with counselling?
2.    What type of therapy or counselling will best suite my situation and needs?

Counselling can assist you in overcoming the major sources of distress in your life. Therapy can also assist in preventing problems by helping you adapt to major life transitions such as becoming a parent, losing a loved one, relationship break-ups, retirement, and other normal changes and challenges that come with life.
It is important to work with a counsellor who suites your needs, values and goals. Nadine offers a “Get to Know” session at a reduced rate to meet with you, so you can get to know her and how she works with you and decide if she is the right fit for you or not.

Nadine as a counsellor, consultant and facilitator for over 25 years, has taught most of the therapies and techniques she uses. Proficient in a wide range of traditional and non-traditional modalities and disciplines, Nadine works with each person as an individual. Your therapy sessions are designed around you and your specific needs and goals.
Nadine is also the developer of a PEP Personality Process©, based on how a person processes information. Which she utilizes in her sessions with you, this can offer incredible insights into yourself and others.

With her Results Oriented Counselling approach, Nadine is focused on healing the root causes of the issues presented. It is not necessary to have a person go over their story again and again, in fact in her years of experience Nadine will advise you that clients who have gone through this type of therapy before coming to see her often have had to clear the trauma which has occurred in therapy. Her clients have told her that they have found this re-traumatization often has made their quality of life worse not better which has created a life of coping but not really living. Nadine uses a combination of alternative methods such as Neuro- Linguistic Psychology™ (NLP), Timelinked Release Therapy™(TRT), Ericksonian Hypnosis and others to assist the client in their healing process. She has found that these methodologies are the most effective, efficient and the easiest on the client.

Honed over the years, her tried and true original approach to working with abuse and trauma assists her clients in healing quickly. Within weeks to months, the clients are getting on with their lives with no need to return to therapy for those traumatic events.

Counselling is about working with clients to “empower” themselves. Nadine begins with the assumption of wholeness and that each person is essentially whole, and has tremendous capacity and potential. Simply by virtue of being a human being, you have inherent value, purpose, and meaning. Even our shadow or darkest parts of ourselves offer us opportunity for truth, healing and transformation. Your journey, with Nadine can involve the unfolding, releasing and healing of the many levels of the self, and integration of the mind, emotions, heart, physical intelligence, as well as our spiritual and creative natures.

Nadine has created a truly unique holistic approach to therapy, because along with all of her psychological and communication expertise, her depth of knowledge also includes training in: physical disciplines like Iridology and nutrition; energy healing therapies like Hawaiian Huna and Reiki; and a wide range of training in spiritual philosophies and meditations.

Counselling offers a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental environment to understand how events in life shape us and enables us to take the important steps necessary to meet our goals, find peace, healing, and develop new awareness, skills and ways of being in the world. Whether you are facing an immediate crisis, or dealing with the effects of a long standing issue, Nadine provides a confidential, personalized approach to assist you.

It is always the client, not the therapist, who must make the decisions regarding their own life. The experienced and well grounded counsellor can guide, assist and provide tools; the client must then make the choice, use the tools and walk the path.

Everything Nadine does with people is designed to assist them in dealing with the root causes of their issues. This allows the person, couple, family or organization to go forward with a better quality of life.

From a very early age, Nadine’s curiosity about humanity and her keen interest in people naturally lead her to facilitate personal growth workshops in the late 70’s. Nadine Hanchar has been Counselling in Private Practice since 1986 and has been in Victoria since 1989. She specializes in relationship issues, abuse, trauma and phobias and has assisted thousands of clients to get on with a quality of life that is no longer affected by their issues or trauma.

Nadine Hanchar is Counselling in Victoria BC (since 1989) and is a Counsellor for Trauma & Abuse Therapy, Relationship Issues, Phobias and is well versed in dealing with depression and anxiety issues.

 She utilizes non traditional forms of therapy click here to see what they are.

Sessions are available for adults, adolescents, seniors and couples (see Couples and Relationship Counselling).