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Our Counsellor


Result oriented Counselling & Consulting with Nadine Hanchar!

  • Counsellor, Consultant and Facilitator for over 25 years
  • In private practice since 1986
  • Result-oriented Counselling, utilizing many non-traditional therapies
  • Specializing in Relationship Issues, Abuse, Trauma & Phobias
  • Proficient in a wide range of modalities and disciplines
  • Nadine works with each person as an individual
  • She assists people in dealing with the root causes of their issues allowing them to go forward with a better quality of life
  • Along with all of her psychological and communication expertise, her extensive training also includes physical disciplines like nutrition and energy work, meditation and spiritual studies; creating a very holistic approach
  • She is the developer of a Personality Profiling System called PEP Personality Process © which offers incredible insight into how a person processes information and how that  affects their relationships, life and personality
  • She has facilitated personal enrichment and growth workshops since 1978
  • She opened a Private Post-secondary Training Institute in 1994 which offers a wide range of courses and classes
  • She does consulting, mentoring and coaching work for individuals, management teams and businesses in a multitude of areas

Today, many types of traditional therapies used with trauma, though well meaning, often result in re-traumatization. Having the patient repeat their story over and over again often results in increased anxiety, depression and loss of hope. Frequently they develop a codependency with the therapist and the counselling process can take years and years out of their lives.

Nadine states,” there is a viable alternative therapy for people; a tried and true methodology which can assist them to heal. This therapy is much easier on the person and gets results more quickly. Often within weeks to months the person is getting on with their lives with no need to return to therapy for those traumatic events.”

All traumas are stored in very specific ways in the nervous system, or mind, and can be affected by using specific methodologies to allow the negative emotions to be released permanently from those events in their neurology. This assists the client in moving forward in many positive ways, as those events no longer pull them into the past or define who they are.

When clients complete their therapy with Nadine Hanchar they often finish with a single question “Why did it take me so long to find you?”