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I am here mentally strong and healthy moving forward in 2015 due in great part to Nadine Hanchar.  Her knowledge, focused treatment methods and unwavering care and attention are qualities that make her a standout in her field.  She is the best.

Nadine, I wanted to thank you for all your counselling and advise in the last few months. My day to day life is so much better. I’m now engaged to C. and we will be married this summer. I’m happier than ever! Thank you so much.

Nadine, I don’t know if words can capture what it is I’d like to say to you. You are invaluable. Everyday you touch people’s hearts and open them up to love. It is beautiful, you are beautiful. Thank you for everything.

Dear Nadine, thank you very much for your counselling that I recently received. I really do appreciate your guidance and your belief in my potential.


Dear Nadine, You have done so much for me and I am truly grateful for your loyalty and sincerity. I am doing really well, thanks

After 50 years of existing, I began to live. Truly quick, painless and powerful transformation.

Nadine’s unique approach to couples therapy, her insights and her experience truly assisted us, and understanding our different processing styles assisted us in developing the skills needed to move into a place of love and acceptance we had never reached before.


Dearest Nadine, I just want to say you have been so kind, supportive and patient. I really value our time together and want to thank you for listening (and being sooo patient). I very much admire, respect and look up to you Nadine. You are a priceless gem.

Nadine, I know it is your “job” but please know that our daughter, my husband and I are all very grateful for the way you helped our darling girl over the last months. Words don’t even come close to say how radiant she was on her grad day. Thanks for everything.

Thank you Nadine for being a great teacher in my life. I know I have been a difficult client. I was hard on myself and you! I needed to “get it” and I have. Blessings

Nadine, I can’t thank you enough for your help, support and wisdom. Much love

NLP and Timelinked Release Therapy are great tools in the field of short-term therapy and change work

Dr. E.J.

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