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PEP Personality Process©

The PEP Personality Process©  is a system which enlightens us about our personality and can assist us in a better understanding of ourselves and of others. It helps us see things from more than one perspective and to take things going on around us less personally.

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The PEP Personality Process© creates more self-awareness, more self-acceptance and gives you insight into your own personal solutions and possible solutions with others when applied to relationships. It can change how you perceive certain behaviours both in yourself and others. It can give you new resources and tools to assist you in any given moment. For beside each of our challenges there is a solution which we can choose to apply. The more self-awareness and understanding we have of ourselves and others, the easier it is to choose to be our best in that moment. So as we become more aware of our personality, creating more enlightenment in how we process this affects our relationships, communication and behaviours which empowers us and improves our relationships. When people have the awareness and acceptance of each other it enhances their experience in the relationship. What I have found is that people once they understand each other and their personality functions they can take things less personally which allows the space for more understanding, better communication.

Before we can be better with others, we must improve our relationship with ourselves first. Understanding how we are and how we function means we can come from a clearer place in our choices, determining how we act, interact and communicate with others.

To the best of my knowledge, we are born with our processing style and it does not have anything to do with our parents’ processing style or how they raised us. Even with babies, you can begin to see the distinctions once you know what to look for. I have come across many cases where the children have totally different processing styles than their parents, which can be confusing to both.  As with any personality profiling system you need to remember we are talking about tendencies, natural talents, and common challenges. It is also important to remember that you must take the whole processing style into consideration as any differences play out differently depending on how, when and why you access them. This also does not take into account the values we have adopted, life experiences, or some of the other unconscious filters we have picked up from our environment. Which is why even people who process exactly the same are not identical, yet have many similar tendencies. The other factor to understand is that all four personality functions have in-balance and out-of-balance tendencies and behaviours.

This is meant to be used as a tool of awareness and as with any tool you need to use it wisely. This tool is not meant to be used to box people in or limit them in any way the exact opposite is true. By understanding ourselves and others better we can create in our lives the ability to be or do whatever we chose, it opens up doors and allows us to be the magnificent person each of us really is. Awareness is the first step, then understanding and applying the tools and practices on a daily basis is what can lead to greatness.

The PEP Personality Process© comes out of many years of study and research by Nadine Hanchar about how we as humans communicate and interact with each other. The concepts come from many different sources, some conventional and some not. The concepts have been tried and tested for the last 20 years with Nadine’s individual, couples and corporate clients, students, family and friends. The purpose is to assist us in understanding each other better and accepting each other more, creating better communication and more meaningful relationships.

Everyone Nadine has worked with, with the PEP Personality Process© has said at one point or another how amazingly accurate it is.

Many of our corporate clients most of whom have worked with other profiling or personality systems before using the PEP Personality Process© have said that the PEP Personality Process© has been the most practical and useful system they have worked with.


This part of our PEP Personality Process© is about how we communicate to the world and receive communication from the world. It is also how we make our decisions. This function also determines how other people perceive our personalities since it is the face and traits that we show most to the world. This is where our differences and similarities are often noticed first. This determines how we interact with people.

Put PEP in your step!!

Nadine Hanchar offers workshops and teambuilding sessions with The PEP Personality Process.

Discover how each personality type becomes motivated, leads others, works with a team, learns best, what strengths they naturally bring to the team, what challenges may occur and what to do about them, there are so many benefits to learning about your team members PEP Personality Process.

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