Relationship Expert:

Better Communication at Work & at Home

Achieve your goals & create stronger teams through smoother communication. Nadine facilitates workshops & team-building sessions as a master trainer of NLP and creator of the PEP Personality Process.

Nadine Hanchar | Relationship Expert
Nadine is known for her energetic, engaging, and authentic presentations as an expert on workplace communications. Her upbeat and interactive style allows her audiences to have fun learning how to stay positive and constructively confront tough communication challenges at work and at home. Nadine’s presentations cover topics on Communication, The PEP Personality Process and Heart Consciousness.
Nadine is the developer of The PEP Personality Process

Global Business Ambassador for the Women Speakers Association, Nadine is a bestselling author, counsellor, consultant, speaker, trainer with over 30 year’s experience delivering programs to both public and private sector organizations locally and internationally. As a personality profiling expert, Nadine is the developer of The PEP Personality Process which provides insights concerning the tendencies of self and others.

She inspires leaders to fully tap into the leadership potential of each individual they interact with, specializing in how to reach across the divide to those who communicate in a different way.

Nadine acts as an intermediary between teams and leaders, helping to improve communication, decrease stress, and encourage different choices when it comes to life and work.

She started her personal growth journey at the young age of 16 and was leading personal development workshops to empower women by the age of 18. She opened her first business at the age of 19 and has been an entrepreneur and life-long learner ever since. Her private practise in counselling began in 1986 along with her Personal Enrichment Programs and workshops.

She incorporated in 1994 and opened the Private Post-Secondary Institute, Progressive Edge Plus NLP Inc. As a Master Trainer in NLP, Hypnosis, and other non-traditional types of result-oriented therapies, Nadine has developed skill sets she calls whole life coaching. She is down to earth and often says she has learned everything from the ground up and has plenty of life experiences to draw upon.

“I’ve taken many training sessions with Nadine, in large and small groups, and she is a terrific leader and speaker. Her work is meaningful and helpful for both business and home life and she has such a positive, easy way of relating things. I always look forward to new opportunities to participate in sessions she provides.”

– Carolyn Stewart