Timelinked Release Therapy™ (TRT)

Timelinked Release Therapy™ (TRT) is one of the most powerful accelerated therapies known today. TRT works with how people encode and store memories and focuses on clearing negative emotions and limiting decisions from the past – this can have a very positive impact on behaviour, personality and health.

The Structure of Time

For centuries, humanity has hypothesized what time is and how it works. In the days before calendars and clocks, if you agreed to meet some friends at a certain location during the next full moon, you would probably show up sometime within a two- or three-day period. If your friends weren’t there, you would simply make camp and wait until they arrived.

Cycles of nature are one of many ways of keeping track of time, and, in some parts of the world, it is still done that way. However, with the arrival of the industrial age, and the introduction of working hours, people had to have more accurate means of keeping time – right down to the minute!

These are examples of some of the external ways that we keep track of time – but we also structure time internally, at the unconscious level. We have now entered an era where we are gaining a greater understanding of how that structure can affect our behaviours and personalities.

The Development of TRT

A number of people in the Neuro Linguistic Psychology™ (NLP) field have contributed important discoveries and concepts of the structure of internal time and how it aligns with certain characteristics and attitudes that people have.  Among those developers and trainers of NLP some of the best renown being Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Wyatt Woodsmall and Dr. Tad James who have contributed greatly in this research.

There are also a number of spiritual philosophies and practices which have given insights into developing this therapy.

How TRT works

All emotions depend on a time frame for their existence. Some emotions depend on that time frame being past, present, or future. For example, most guilt relates to past experiences, boredom happens in the present, and most anxiety requires a future event.

By working with how a person internalizes time, it is possible to clear and release negative emotions, the root cause of those emotions, and the first significant experience of those emotions from memory. Limiting decisions can also be cleared quickly and easily.

If you feel you are being held back from becoming that magnificent person that you are, it may be due to an unconscious limiting decision made in the past. With TRT, it is possible to clear and change those harmful decisions, and experience lasting results with a sense of inner calm and security. This powerful and unique method for getting what you want out of life is faster and easier than most other known techniques

What Timelinked Release Therapy™ (TRT) can do for YOU

  • Get back in touch with your dreams, and decide if you really want them
  • Learn about negative emotions
  • Release your anger
  • Eliminate the destructive power of guilt
  • Live without sadness
  • Move from fear to power
  • Be happier and experience more joy
  • Gain emotional freedom
  • Learn keys to making better decisions
  • Be motivated all the time
  • Bring your dreams to life now
  • Best of all, live the life you’ve always wanted

Imagine yourself going into life’s experiences unburdened and open to the wonderful possibilities that it can bring you. Grasp what it feels like to live happily in the present as you continue your journey. Sense the inner trust you have for yourself and others as you plan your life. Hear the universal silence or life’s rhythms whenever you choose.

Timelinked Release Therapy™ (TRT) is the most comfortable and easy way of clearing negative emotions and limiting decisions. In our experience, it is also the quickest method – taking only weeks to months rather than years.