Presentation Coach/ Speech Coach

Business man pointing the text: Learn to Love Public Speaking

Are you wanting to improve your public speaking & presentation skills?

Imagine you are just about to start that presentation that could establish you as an expert in your field impress your boss or skyrocket you to success!

If you are wanting to improve your public speaking & presentation skills or you are wanting feedback on a presentation you are giving? NLP has a lot to offer both in creating the presentation and in delivering your topic with impact! Nadine Hanchar can coach you to success by utilizing her experience and unique skill set.

Who do you imagine on stage?

Do you see a confident, engaging, respected speaker who is connecting with the audience giving them valuable information that they appreciate! Are you speaking to all four communication styles and using humour and stories appropriately? Are you utilizing the stage and the five stances that bring life to your presentation?


Do you see someone who is nervous and feeling unprepared or who just lacks confidence or skills, who would rather step away from the spotlight than take center stage? Or maybe you see that you who has spoken many times and just know that your presentation could be better and so you see the “same old same old” not great but adequate.

Are you looking to simplify and demystify the process of creating, designing and delivering a more successful presentation? NLP Coaching is quite different from other coaching styles or speaking clubs.

For anyone who needs or wants to speak in public; facilitators, trainers, teachers, politicians, executives, sales teams, and even high-fee professional speakers can through hiring the right coach undergo nothing less than a transformation in their presentations from both a content and delivery standpoint.

You might ask. Why would you hire an actual coach, when you could head for the local library and check out a dozen books on the subject, or buy a DVD or watch stuff on YouTube or the internet? Those are great for information and nuts-and-bolts theory and yet deprive you of one of the greatest benefits of having an in person speaking coach is the one-on-one, personalized interaction, attention and focus. You get instant professional feedback on your specific speech, presentation style, content, body language, nervous ticks and more. In NLP we know that the quicker you get feedback the more effective the feedback is with your unconscious mind and the faster you can apply that feedback naturally. This is another one of the benefits and input offered by the personal touch of a flesh-and-blood coach.

A presentation/speech coach can evaluate your performance and presentation, assisting you in:

  • Overcoming shyness
  • Dealing with nervousness
  • Building your confidence
  • Speaking like a leader/an authority/ an expert in your field
  • Make use of your time on stage and making use of the stage
  • Utilizing and Controlling your body language, gestures, and facial expressions
  • Speaking to all four communication styles
  • Correcting your unuseful habits, pronunciation and diction
  • Projecting your voice properly
  • Utilizing the five stances that breathe life into your presentation
  • Utilize humour appropriately
  • Tell stories in a more concise and useful way
  • Identify and eliminate your use of filler words
  • Differentiate yourself from everyone else by creating your own unique style
  • Assist you with ways to outline and prepare your speeches
  • Refine your openings and closings
  • State your benefits and call to action more clearly
  • Segue into your message more smoothly
  • Dealing with hecklers or embarrassing moments
  • Have a sense of control even when you don’t
  • Appeal and grab your audiences and keep their attention

Being a good presenter is a developed skill, not an inborn talent, so a private presentation/speech coach could provide the edge you’ve been looking for; new presenters and even experienced speakers can work with a presentation/speech coach to assist in ironing out any wrinkles or in improving their presentation and performance therefore increasing their success.

Packages specifically designed for your individual needs or group packages!