Neuro Linguistic Psychology™ (NLP)

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology™) provides simple, yet powerful methods for changing behaviour and producing positive results.  lt is a remarkable integration of several disciplines, including neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics and systems theory.  You could think of NLP as an owner’s manual for the brain. It is the science of how the brain codes learning and experience. This coding affects all communication and behaviour. It affects how you learn and how you perceive the world around you. It is a key to reaching goals and achieving excellence.

N Neuro because all of our experience, conscious and unconscious, derives from and through our senses and nervous system.
L Linguistic because our mental processes are coded, organized, given meaning and transformed through language.
P Psychology because people interact in a manner where experience and communication are composed of sequences of patterns, or psychological processes.

Although well grounded in psychological theory and research, NLP is first and foremost about action rather than theory. It deals with the structure of subjective experience, how we organize what we see, hear and feel and how we edit and filter the outside world through our senses. NLP is a model of communication that focuses on identifying and using patterns of thought that influence a person’s behaviour as a means of improving the quality and effectiveness of their lives.

NLP is an effective proven vehicle for accelerated human change and is a means of understanding and enhancing the way we think, communicate and behave. NLP states that we respond to our perceptions of reality rather than to reality itself.  How an experience is perceived and labelled sets the direction for our behaviour.

This interaction between the brain, language and the body gives rise to patterns of behaviour or processes.  Some of these strategies may be productive, while others may hinder us.  NLP provides a powerful set of skills and techniques to address situations where change is required.


  • discover powerful hidden resources within yourself
  • clarify your real goals & create your future
  • deal effectively with change
  • stop undesired habits & have what you want instead
  • produce exceptional results consistently
  • release past negative experiences
  • apply high achievers’ winning thought processes
  • use strategic planning to build success
  • learn “win-win” negotiating techniques
  • positively handle events that formerly frustrated you
  • establish a connection with anyone quickly and easily
  • have resources available exactly when you need them
  • achieve more effective communication
  • improve the quality of all your relationships