Presentations with Pizzazz Workshop

Public Speaking is a set of skills. It is not about talent. It is a set of techniques practiced, rehearsed and delivered. You can deliver a powerful and effective Presentation with great pizzazz! The skill of public speaking is both an art and a science. The more you learn and practice the science the easier the art will work for you. You can be a powerful and skillful presenter.
Learn in a small group with lots of personalized attention from Nadine Hanchar, the trainer with 30 years of experience in giving great presentations.

Deliver your message with impact. It is your message that is important. Your presentation is the vehicle for delivering your message and to create results. A successful presentation is one that moves people to action. You know it was a success if after you speak, they buy, work or follow.
A great presentation does not just happen. It is planned, rehearsed then delivered with flair. Become a great presenter by learning the skills of Presentations with Pizzazz.

Learn to:
• Prepare!
• Overcome your fears
• Create a powerful presentation with pizzazz
• Establishing rapport with your audience
• How to emphasize your key points
• How to use your voice and your body language effectively
• How to deal with questions, hecklers and more…
• How to finish with flare

Date: Feb.23rd, 2013

Time: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Cost: $147.00 plus HST

Place: Progressive Edge Plus Training & Wellness Centre Suite 135 – 1555 McKenzie Ave, Victoria

Spots Available: 9

Pre-registration required!