Heart Consciousness

Heart Consciousness

Just for a moment, think about why we say things like…

“It’s coming from the heart.”
“A heartfelt thank you!”
“I love you with all my heart.”
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
“I put my heart into this.”

We refer to the heart this way to indicate that what we say and do is genuine, real, and sincere.

What is Heart Consciousness?

Heart Consciousness is that intelligence which is beyond thinking; this is the level of consciousness that flows through the heart.

In your heart you know what is right for you. You know what is true for you – and what is not. Your heart always knows what is best for you; what is good for you.

Trusting your heart, listening to the voice within that makes the most sense; that connects you to the divine within. Allow it to move you into your future with more love, gratitude, joy and grace – and into taking positive action in your life.

Why Heart Consciousness?

As we practice heart qualities like love, care, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and cooperation, along with being more responsible for our own personal energy management, we become architects of a new sense of hope and live according to our deeper values and higher quality choices.

To increase the energy for a better future, we can learn to connect with our Heart Consciousness and the guidance that’s within all of us. This connection, born from love and care, can unfold the higher qualities of life we are looking for, and above all – increased joy and fulfillment.

Before we can be better with others, we must improve our relationship with ourselves first. Understanding how we are and how we function means we can come from a clearer place in our choices, determining how we act, interact and communicate with others.

How can I connect with my Heart Consciousness?

The PEP Personality Process© creates more self-awareness, more self-acceptance and gives you insight into your own personal solutions and possible solutions with others when applied to relationships. It can change how you perceive certain behaviours both in yourself and others. It can give you new resources and tools to assist you in any given moment to come into balance.

Building trust in our heart’s intuitive guidance leads to uplifting possibilities and the increased capacity to manifest them. Opening our hearts to each other creates a constant renewal of our sense of hope and optimism for the future. Hope from our genuine Heart Consciousness is the most powerful magnetic draw for manifestation; it’s a gift from the Divine, and it’s well worth doing.

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