Happiness or positive intelligence can determine how you could be more productive and successful! So the happier you are in the now, the better you are going to perform in your life!

Unfortunately most people are caught in a model of happiness that is totally flawed. They are putting happiness out in their future but not in the now. The if…. Then…. If I get a new Tesla then I will be happy or If I get, buy, achieve then I will be happy another way people say this is I will be happy when…. I will be happy when I retire. Again this is totally flawed thinking. Happiness in the now is the most important!

We want to be happy in the now, we want to create the feeling state of happiness in the present because this is where it does us the most good, this is where it assists us in being more productive and successful!

So how do you create happiness in the now? This is a question I often get asked.

There are two ways I believe most people can master:

  • Creating a gratitude practice daily by writing down every morning 3 things that you appreciate that have occurred in the last 48 hours. This starts your day off on a positive note!
  • Every evening writing down 3 things that have gone well that day and why they went well. This ends your day on a positive note!

You will begin to notice that you start looking throughout your day for things to be grateful for and for things that are going well which increases your happiness in the now.

Using these practices as with any new routine will take a while to take effect and if you do them diligently you will begin to notice a change and if you keep doing them you will notice your happiness in the now increases. As your happiness increases so will your productivity and your success.

They have done many studies on gratitude and happiness and there is a lot of scientific evidence that being grateful and happier will assist you in life in so many wonderful ways.
I wish you well! Let me know how they work for you.


Nadine Hanchar