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As a counsellor and consultant who specializes in relationships, I can honestly tell you that having a date night is one of the most important things you can do for your relationship!

In our busy lives, it is easy to fall under the illusion that because we live in the same house and sleep in the same bed, we spend time together as a couple. We may see each other but it is the quality of the time spent together that I am talking about!

Some may ask why is it important to have a date night?

When you include a date night into your routine you have a time that is designated as quality time together. This does many wonderful things for your relationship for example:

  1. It allows us to shelve all of the other responsibilities we have in our busy lives for one night and focus in on just the two of us.
  2. Having a commitment to spending time together, looking and feeling our best, being physical, showing affection. Puts gas in our tanks!
  3. We get to have some downtime from all of the other roles we play and have meaningful time together.
  4. We get to have fun together, bond and create memories.
  5. We get to be grown ups not just mom and dad! We can have grown up conversations without interruptions from the wee folk.
  6. It gives us time to remember that we love each other and why we are together.
  7. It gives us something to plan for and look forward to. A time to get excited and feel free.
  8. Dates gives us the space to create the environment for being physical. We need the time to connect, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and to have affection and foreplay, so we can have a fulfilling sexual relationship.
  9. Communicating and really looking into each other’s eyes, just that simple act of being there for each other and talking regularly about the important things, to each of us, generates positive energy for our relationship and our romance.
  10. Remember to treat yourselves, make the dates special! Take turns organizing and surprising your loved one. Make it a time you look forward to with excitement, passion, and anticipation. Time is the most romantic thing we can give our partners in life.

I wish you lots of happy dates! Let me know your thoughts.

Sincerely Nadine Hanchar