Happiness is an asset! People may realize that they are always chasing happiness and some never seem to quite get there. Then there are those that just seem to ooze happiness and you are wondering if they can possibly be real. Well where happiness is concerned, we have been trained to do things backwards. The old programming and way of thinking is: if we work hard and be successful then we will be happy, or if we get that special thing-a-ma-jig then we will be happy, or if I can just change this one thing about myself then I can be happy. This is totally backwards, it actually works the other way around. When we are happy, our brains become more energetic, engaged, motivated, creative, resilient, and productive. Being happy we are more effective, healthier, perform better at work, create better relationships! Happiness actually assists us in creating success. We need to retrain our brains. We need to shift our focus. Learn how to be happy! Below are some easy ways to begin doing just that. The only thing is you have to do them for it to work!

  1. Go on a news diet – news is not balanced and focuses mostly on the negative events. It is repetitive and negative in nature. Look at news maybe once a week.
  2. Instead of only focusing on the problem – start focusing on the possibilities and the solutions.
  3. Instead of focusing on what you didn’t accomplish that day – Celebrate everything you have achieved in your day.
  4. Smile at everyone you meet even if they don’t smile back!
  5. Spend time out in nature. Being around nature has a natural calming and soothing effect.
  6. Do something physically active that is fun! We need to move, we were made to move!
  7. Create a social network in your life. Make human connections!
  8. Create a gratitude list – List, three things every day that you are grateful for in your life that happened in the last 48 hours and three things you are grateful for in yourself. Keep the list and look at it when you need a little boost!
  9. Forgiveness – a very powerful way to be more positive!
  10. Meditate for at least 10 min. a day.
  11. Take your attention away from the things that you don’t want in your life and give your attention to the things you want more of in your life.
  12. Quit judging and start complimenting and praising!
  13. Focus more on the people, places, events, work, services that give you more meaning in your life. Put some life in your life!
  14. Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits, veggies and good fats!
  15. Read an inspiring book for at least 30 min. a day.
  16. Listen to upbeat, positive music and dance around or sing-a-long.
  17. Play with your kids or your pet or just go out and play in the park no matter what your age!
  18. Put positive affirmations up around your house or office where you can see them every day! Put them on your mirror too!
  19. Whenever you look in the mirror and see yourself say, I love you.
  20. Do the little things that make you feel special, buy flowers, have a bubble bath, eat chocolate, have a coffee, take time for yourself.
  21. Keep a record of your achievements not just the big ones the small meaningful ones too.
  22. Learn something new and keep on learning! We are meant to by life long learners!
  23. Learn to be compassionate with yourself and others.
  24. Make yourself a priority and treat yourself with respect.
  25. Create meaningful goals.
  26. Be an Optimist – Look for the learning or feedback in whatever is happening!
  27. Challenge your rules, your negative thinking, and question things, be willing to stretch and open your mind to new ideas and beliefs.
  28. Take yourself less seriously and learn to see the humour in things!
  29. Decide to be happy, chose to do the things that create positivity in your life.
  30. Let go of the things in your life that create clutter – the clothes that don’t fit, the projects you are never going to finish, the pile in the corner that you are going to get to someday. Let go of the things you don’t really like, or don’t fit, or are just clutter. Making room in your life for new energy to come in, creating space for you! This helps you to lighten up.

So here are 30 ways to start creating happiness now because happiness now will assist you in achieving what you want in life!

Being clear on what you want in life, what is truly important and meaningful for you and writing that down is also useful.

I wish you all happiness and light.

Personal Development Victoria, Progressive Edge Plus