There is stipassion with violynll time to own 2017!

As some of you may know 2017 is actually a 1 in Numerology which is all about new beginnings, creation, motivation, progress, positivity, action and success.

So I thought I would encourage you to do the following 7 things for yourself to set yourself up to really own 2017! To really begin the year and set yourself up for success. So below are the 7 things which I believe will set you up for the coming year;

1.   Clear out your clutter – let go, recycle, give away, junk and release the things that you no longer use, the – doesn’t fit, broken, got a new one, never really liked it, old, stuck, nick-knack’s etc. anything that doesn’t fit with the life you want to create! Clean out your physical space, your closets, drawers, shelves, garages, make room for new energy to come into your life!

2.  Be Positive, Be Grateful –  Set aside 5 min. a day to remember and write down at least 3 positive things that have happened in the last 24 hours and at least 3 things you are grateful for in your life!

3.   Dream – Make the time to dream – It is important to take the time to really imagine and connect with your heart and get clear on what it is you truly want to manifest in your life. Imagine a day that would be your ultimate day if you had unlimited resources and all the skills and training you wanted. What would really make your heart sing!

4.   Create Your Vision of what you truly want in your heart! What does it look like, how would it feel, what would people be saying to you, how would you carry your body, what would you be saying to yourself??? Who, Where, What is going on? Get a clear full body vision of what you desire.

5.   Then Plan – once you know what you truly want answer these questions;

a) What do you already have?

b) What is obviously missing?

c) What are you willing to commit to doing in the next week to move this forward?

d) What are you willing to do today?

6.   Take Action – take consistent action daily!

7.   Take stock, everyday sit down and take stock review, what did you do today, what did you accomplish, what would you do differently, what did you learn today, how can you apply what you learned in your life?

My wish for you is to own 2017!

All the best,

Nadine Hanchar