Sometimes when we look at our lives there are just so many things to do, so many areas of our lives to take care of, we go into overwhelm. Often we will go into procrastination, escapism behaviours or do busy work that avoids our real priorities.

We may even make our list but we make it so big and so long that just the thought of it sends us into overwhelm.

Well I am going to suggest something I have found useful in getting out of overwhelm and into action.

First ask yourself, “What are my three top priorities for today?” “Are they doable?” if not, is there some part of that priority, that’s not totally doable, that I can do today to move it forward and then that becomes one of your top three priorities.

Then ask yourself, “What is the first action step I can take on each of these priorities?”

Then until these three things are done, nothing else goes on your list.

When they are done get your next three priorities and go through the same process and just keep doing that and before you know it you will have accomplished a whole lot of what you needed to do!

We all know that nothing happens without intention and yet being realistic is also important. Setting priorities is key! Breaking down bigger goals into doable chunks gets the job done! Knowing your first action step and getting started, moving into action helps us get the momentum and gets us out of the inertia.

I hope this was helpful and if it was please let me know!