Women Supporting Women

I am always wonderfully amazed and delighted by the joy that women spread when they support each other. From the business networking groups where women build relationships and support each other in their success from brainstorming, teaching, learning and referring each other to giving a supportive shoulder to lean or cry on when needed and collaborating, having fun or just spreading the joy.

I just came from an 80th birthday celebration of an incredible women who has dedicated her life to the betterment of women’s lives and the world as a whole, where we shared, drummed, sang and celebrated her from our hearts. What a privilege.

I just spoke with a women friend whom I admire greatly, who inspires me, whom I really care about who is going through a bit of a rough patch and yet is supported by many women whom she herself has touched.

Mother’s day is coming and I have the opportunity because of a women Photographer, to participate with my daughter’s in a photo shoot which will be part of a celebration of Mother’s and daughter’s of all ages to be held, up in the Bear Mountain Resort. What an incredible event to be a part of with my daughter’s. Again, I say what a privilege.

More and more women are starting and running successful businesses and it is changing how business is being done. We no longer as women need to fit into the male model of doing business. We can do things in a win/win way, in a collaborative way, in a supportive way.

More and more people are learning to come from the Heart, to connect from the heart, to do business from the heart, to build relationships from the heart and it is women who are spreading this message, who are setting the examples who are leading the charge.

Remember when you need to reach out, there are other women there. When there is something you want to share, there are other women who will listen. When you don’t have the knowledge or expertise there are women who do, who would find joy in assist you. Be proud to be a woman! Stand tall and be counted because you do count. Share because there are people who need to hear what you have to say. Give that which you want most and graciously receive that which is given unto you.

I am so glad I am a woman. Thank you to all the women who have, are and will touch my heart.