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Companionship in Relationship Keeps Love Flowing!

As I have stated previously there are 10 things which I believe are really important factors to having a healthy relationship. A relationship which will stand the test of time, of stresses and of the challenges life brings. These are the things I call the relationship fundamentals and I will be going over each of them here on my blog.

Fundamental # 9: Companionship

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive.” – Anäis Nin


 One of the most important things in a relationship is companionship. The couples I have met who have been together for some time and are successful in their relationship have this in common: They are great friends and they like each other. Frequently, couples forget to nurture the friendship part of their relationship and this can be very costly. Friends have some similar interests and they share enjoyable activities and do things together. Spending time together and doing things you both like builds that companionship bond. This means making time for your significant other, and expecting that they will make time for you.Values….Friends usually have similar values. Values are how you evaluate what is going on how you determine what is good and bad or right and wrong about life, both in terms of morals and how you feel about everything. Values are what motivate us to do things. How we evaluate what we have done. Values will cause us to stay or leave a situation.In relationship, it is every bit as important to do things with a good attitude and be good spirited and to be congruent in our actions.Fulfilling relationships require courage, the courage to contribute, to bring yourself to the relationship table. Intimate relationships involve risk and vulnerability, being real with your partner.Treat each other as you would a best friend, be kind, compassionate, understanding and willing to be flexible instead of right.Q.

  • Do you and your partner make a conscious effort to play and have fun together?
  • Do you and your partner value similar things in life?
  • Are you willing to be courageous? Are you willing to be real?
  • Are you willing to be your partner’s best friend?

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