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Progressive Edge Plus NLP

Building better relationships at home and at work.

Our purpose is to lead with heart consciousness to create positive change building better relationships with self and others to create a better quality of life and leaders who value and respect diversity.

As more people connect with their own Heart Consciousness and practice the qualities of the heart, we can individually and collectively experience more peace, happiness, and satisfaction in our lives.

One of the tools I use daily to assist with this is Positive Prime, which is based in positive psychology and neuroscience.

Individual Counselling in Victoria BC

Individual CounsellingNadine Hanchar is an experienced, caring counsellor in Victoria BC, specializing in confidential trauma & abuse therapy.

NLP Coaching for business success!

NLP CoachingNadine Hanchar is a NLP leadership coach who helps individuals, groups, teams and organizations find the right solutions in the workplace.

Couples and Relationship Counselling

Couples TherapyTwo people come with their own values and beliefs and both must feel heard in order to thrive. Couples Therapy can help.

Consulting and NLP for Business Success

Consulting and NLP for BusinessMore than ever before, good business relies on good relationships. NLP skills are good for business.

Non-Traditional Therapies

Non Traditional TherapiesInstead of the client having to fit the therapeutic tool, Nadine can adapt by using traditional & non-traditional therapies.

NLP & Training Solutions that Create Results!

Corporate and Professional CoursesWorking together, we develop fully customized NLP & training solutions that create results and are aligned with your organization’s goals.

An invaluable training, practical, and thorough, delivered in a most professional, integrated and pleasing manner. I highly recommend any course offered by Nadine Hanchar.


Instructor, ESL

I am here mentally strong and healthy moving forward in 2015 due in great part to Nadine Hanchar. Her knowledge, focused treatment methods and unwavering care and attention are qualities that make her a standout in her field. She is the best.


About Nadine Hanchar

Nadine HancharA Counsellor, Consultant and Facilitator for over 25 years, she has taught most of the therapies and techniques she uses. Proficient in a wide range of modalities and disciplines, Nadine is fond of saying that along with her education she has truly learned through life experiences and sometimes the school of hard knocks.

Nadine Hanchar is an International Trainer, Consultant, Counsellor, Author and President of Progressive Edge Plus NLP lnc, and lives with her husband and two daughters in beautiful Victoria, BC, on Vancouver lsland, Canada.

Nadine Hanchar

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